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Mrs. Meyers Clean Day
Ecobrick Bottle

Mrs.Meyers Clean Day, a household & personal care brand, is known for their great smelling products. This is my proposal for a redesign of their laundry bottle that stays true to their brand but incorporates the sustainable practice of eco-bricking.


The Process

Project Attributes

Brand Analysis, Sustainability Research, & Product Design

Project Scope

5 Weeks


Solo Project


Laundry Detergent Bottle caps, often used for laundry detergent portioning, are misleading. The proper portion is much smaller than what the bottle caps actually contain. This redesign contains the proper detergent portioning for doing laundry.

This redesign provides a bottle that is perfectly outfitted for the practice of Eco-Bricking when most bottles are not.

Majerus_Maggie_FinalPresentation copy-18.png

What is Eco-Bricking?

What is it?

An ecobrick is [typicallly] a PET bottle packed solid with clean and dry used plastic. Ecobricks are made manually to a set density to sequester plastic and create reusable building blocks.

How does it help?

Ecobricking is a simple way to take personal responsibility for our plastic by keeping it out of industry and out of the biosphere.


The Final Product

Goals & Elements of the Redesign


1. A New Laundry Detergent Bottle

Why not take popular items from popular brands, such as Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Laundry Detergent, and give their products a second chance at a better life?

2. Proper Portioning Cap

Laundry Detergent Bottle caps, used for detergent portioning are misleading. This new detergent 'can' 

includes a cap made for the perfect portion.

3. Maximum Stackability

Why not redesign the laundry detergent bottle to be the perfect shape for ecobricking - stuffing & stacking? Presenting Meyer's Take on a sustainable "lego brick."


Main Material = Aluminum

Most Ecobricks are made of plastic which over time, still break down into microplastics & EDCs. This redesign will be made up of mostly Aluminum that will be able to completely contain the plastics overtime.


Secondary Material = Silicone

Silicone [caulk] is one of the best non-toxic materials that is both easily accessible to the public & also can seal the newly designed aluminum can. Thankfully, silicone caulk can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

Anatomy of the Ecobrick Bottle


How To Ecobrick With the New Design


Brand Analysis & Use


Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day brand colors are muted enough to evoke "old school" feelings while still maintaining boldness on the shelves due to it's color variety.



Scents are nature-based scents including Geranium, Basil, Rosemary, Lavender, Honeysuckle, & Lemon Verbena

Mrs.Meyers is a brand created in honor of

Thelma A. Meyer - an Iowa homemaker & mother of nine.

The Brand's Inspiration:


"Old School Cleaning"

by Classy & Hardworking people

with strong Family Values 

that cleans with Natural Ingredients

& a "No Nonsense" attitude.

A brand or the Modern-day Homemaker.




R219  G172  B137

C14  M34  Y47  K0


Warm Green

R80  G116  B67

C70  M35  Y87  K21


Light Blue

R165  G209  B193

C36  M3  Y28  K0


Olive Green

R71  G91  B59

C67  M44  Y81  K35



R218  G176  B205

C12  M34  Y3  K0


Dark Magenta

R126  G55  B96

C48  M89  Y38  K18



R219  G218  B223

C13  M11  Y7  K0


Deep Purple

R77  G53  B68

C62  M75  Y50  K44



R245  G229  B88

C6  M4  Y78  K0


Bright Green

R17  G114  B55

C88  M31  Y100  K20


Pale Green

R212  G223 B123

C19  M2  Y66  K0


Muted Indigo

R65  G76  B115

C83  M73  Y31  K16







Lemon Verbena


Serif touches help make the brand feel "Old School"

Sans Serif type is most commonly defined as "clean."


"CLEAN DAY" being in a sans type makes sense! 

The number of fonts in Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day Brand can be compared to old style posters and newspapers.

Show Me


Mrs.Meyer's vectorized illustrations modernize the brand. This is a great way to appeal to younger users who still value natural cleaning products.


The New Bottle Label

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