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Greenie B's
Brand Design

Greenie B's is a sustainable children's clothing brand that sells product that is good for the environment without being boring for those who are using them AKA "Greenie B's"!


The Process

Project Attributes

Brand Identity, Brand Design,

& User-Centered Design

Project Scope

8 Weeks


Solo Project

Mission & Strategy

Brand Mission


       Our mission is to empower the next generation to become stewards of the environment by making conscious decisions about the clothes we wear from a young age. The clothes we wear can be fun AND good for our planet


Many children's brands that can be considered sustainable pursue a "natural" look and natural materials when designing children's clothing; however, it seems to get looked over that the true target audience is children. Why aren't these sustainable brands branding themselves with personality and patterns that get kiddos excited instead of just their parent's? Why not both?



Other Brands



Attractive to Adults

Bland Colors

Lacking pattern


Greenie B's!

Attractive to children!

Brighter & more variety in color 

More pattern & interest!



Color Rules

Color Rules



Logo Details


Logo Details

Secondary Logo Elements


In use | Clothing Tag

Graphic Elements

Character Elements (CEs) & Rules

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