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Athens 755
Website Design

Athens 755, an operating beef farm outside of Athens, Georgia needed an interface to replace their current analog form for beef sales.


The Process

Project Attributes

UI Design, UX Research, & Branding

Project Scope

3 Months


Solo Project

The Problem

Athens 755 has been operating using an analog customer selection form. It's time they needed an up to date interface!


Ways to Buy From Athens 755


Who Buys from Athens 755?

Parents and Couples ages 35-60


Journey Map & User Flows


Insights, Pain Points, & Must Haves

Users need a simple and easy-to-use interface to tackle the original comlex form.

Information should be presented with better fluidity. Users would appreciate more guidance to what their “next step” in the buying process is.

Visual cues, when provided, where very helpful in understanding the world of beef sales.

The style of questions in the form came across and complicated or hard to fill out. This interface should solve this issue.

Lo-Fidelity Wireframes & User Discussion

User Feedback

Users preferred options where they had ​easy access to shop on the Landing page.

I introduced the idea of having an "intro" quiz to assist new customers when trying to understand/find what products would be best for them. Users mentioned that they needed visuals to understand if they would find it helpful.

Overall, users mentioned that they desired a more streamline process where they could better manage the number of decisions required by them when shopping


Lo-Fidelity Wireframes Round Two

 & Final User Requests

Final User Requests

Definitely Include "Shopping", "Discover"(for more assistance & education), & "Contact Us" on the landing page. These are the most used 'quick keys' by users.

Introductory "quiz" was not as helpful. Users mentioned that just providing them with more information along the way would better help any lack-of-knowledge pain points

By far the most frustrating part of the ordering process is when users are ordering half/whole cow options. This process specifically is where a more guided walkthrough would be more successful.

Low Fidelity Prototype


The Final Product

This was my first ever UX/UI project! I am currently in the process of reworking Athens 755's interface for them; However, this draft was an important part of my process!

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